TICI is a leading provider of Mobile CT and MRI systems to hospitals and imaging centers in the United States.

TICI will lease the Mobile CT or MRI on a fee-per-procedure program or a fixed monthly fee. TICI can provide the capital necessary to make the acquisition possible and shares the risk involved with unknown market demand for new services and future equipment usage levels.

Our Mobile CT and MRI programs are turn-key, so you can enjoy a fully operational Mobile CT and MRI system without delays or downtime. Our mobile package includes the following:

Site planning assistance:

  • Proper location.
  • Electrical requirements.

Transportation of the mobile CT or MRI equipment to and from your facility.

Service to any mobile units.

State of the Art equipment:

  • Advanced, high-end multi-slice CT and 1.5T MRI
    technology from GE.

Best of all, you are immediately able to meet your patients’ needs and demands of the market without the costly capital outlay.